Bottle It Up For The Middle Of The Night

Yesterday, I got to hang out with this wonderful family (who just happen to be good friends ;). We walked around the neighborhood together, had radio flyer scooter races, told jokes, read books, made baby-proof train tracks, and had lollipops! 

Just after the merry-go-round scene
in some of the prettiest, slanti-est light,
and in the midst of brothers having a muddy pants crisis,
and baby sister having a soil-the-outfit spit-up crisis,
Big Sister looks up at me as we walk holding hands and says,

"I wish you could just capture that kind of light, the golden kind, and put it in a bottle to save for the middle of the night."

me too, baby. Me too!

And on a side note, the image with the nose picking and desperate baby just might be my personal favorite from the session.

Thanks, Tricia, for sharing your beautiful family with me. So much love,