brothers on the downs

We went out to some hilly downs in Waco for this family photography session and had a blast. This family is so dear, so smart, and so much fun. We ended up walking over towards the lake and throwing sticks and rocks, my favorite. We even found a piece of driftwood that looks exactly like a giant squid, which just happened to be big brother's favorite animal. He kept repeating, "A giant quid!! .....    A giant quid!!!" The image below, with all the hands around little brother and those big brown eyes, slays me and lights my heart on fire. I capture my favorite image Every Single Time right when the littlest one in the family gets tired and snuggly. It's precisely when Little One is over the camera, over this session, over the direction or even the playtime, then the walls come down, the parents or siblings lean in to comfort and BAM! I am able to capture the sweetest interaction. And a family interacting is just one of my favorite things to photograph. Hence, the heart on fire. Enjoy these images. Be inspired to DELIGHT IN your family.

A Trip to the Scottish Highlands with our friends

We only had four days in the Highlands of Scotland this summer, so we had to make the most of of our time! We visited Rosemarkie Beach and hiked a quaint little path in Kiltarlity that leads to a brook. We also explored a few Inverness parks, visited Loch Ness, and spent some days at the Barnard's house singing hymns, cooking, and jumping on their trampoline. We miss you, Barnards, and we promise to come back soon!

For today, all I have is the beach and the hike: