Tsh Oxenreider

Holly takes absolutely stunning, real-to-life photos. Our family photos capture our clan beautifully, and my author headshots couldn't be more perfect. She has the gift of putting people at ease and capturing their essence—what a gift.

Regina DeBord

She showed up at sunrise on one of the coldest days in our corner of Texas to photograph a six-weeks post-partum Mama, an allergy laden Dad, a sleepy toddler with a cold, and a brand new baby. I thought this was a sure recipe for photography disaster. Holly made it happen, though! Our pictures are beautiful. Holly captured how curious and fun our boys are and how much we love just being together.

Lizz Shaw

I am so thankful for the timeless gift that Holly gave our family.  She was wonderful to work with, super patient with my little boys, and taking family pictures was actually FUN for a change!

Christine West

Holly was wonderful!  She found our personal sweet spot and allowed us to be ourselves. We love the natural feel of our photos...from the natural light to the natural smiles she helped us create!  

Elizabeth Travers

The photo session with Holly was a lot of fun, and her photos are beautiful. I've never looked
so good in my whole life!